Monthly Meter

Photo: Slig77

My log for the month of April:
Writing/Residency/Fellowship Submissions: 0
Writing/Residency/Fellowship Acceptances: 1
Writing/Residency/Fellowship Rejections: 1
Secret Shame: Asparagus in my eggs.  And…Spinach smoothies.  Sure it sounds fit for a tofu-toting vegan–which I am not although I have a great affinity for vegan recipes such as this week’s vegan german chocolate cake, but lest I digress you should know that any milk shake lover such as myself will quickly discover there is as much joy as iron in every fruity concoction of the creamy green-y goodness.  (Yes, you must mix the spinach with something–my choices being bananas, peanut butter, honey, strawberries, pineapples, ginger, mango, or whate’r’s on sale in the market which is very little these days-ugghh).
Books: None.  No, that is not a title.  It’s the truth: I have not read a single book all month.  I am that kind of slug these days.  (But not for lack of iron)!


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