Hey music lovers…

I have a propostion for you–my third born (the others have already been promised to lenders and the like)–for information on a song that I only heard once and cannot get out of my head.  I think it’s Cannonball Adderly but cannot find any evidence to corroborate that.  It’s got a really hot, kinda pensive bass intro (upright bass) accompanied by timpani drums.  It’s about (maybe over) 8 minutes long.  I really would like to know the name of the song so I can get a copy of it.

The other song I cannot find even though I know the title and artist: Trying’ Times by Roberta Flack (I already have the Donny Hathaway version; it’s her version I want).  I’ve tried Limewire, which is usually very comprehensive, but no success with this cut.


How I would love to play these songs ad nauseum on my mp3 player.  Bring a smile to the face of a girl slowly drowning in un-graded papers…before she, she…..gargle, gargle, gasp


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