Monthly Meter: April

fellowship/publication submissions: 0 fellowship/publication acceptances: 0 fellowship/publication rejections: 3 books: __________________ Secret Shame: My fingernails which have resisted Nailtique, multivitamins, and nightly hypnosis.  I'm really considering biting them again so I'll have an excuse for their appearance.   And my Napowrimo stats. Mantra of the Moment: ...but I can write a mean sentence you faster runner, better [...]

For the Girl Who Died By Dancing – Kei Miller

I'm behind on my 30 in 30 poem challenge.  I'm still writing.  But also reading.  Today, Malika Booker's Twitter introduced me to Kei Miller ironically as I was listening to Gyptian's Wine Slow.  This here?  Yes. For the girl who died by dancing ‘It is a warning to young people that dem mus stop du [...]