Vietnam: The Black Man’s Fight?

Dr. Martin Luther King called the Vietnam Conflict (or War depending on who you ask), a "white man's war" and a "black man's fight."  Inasmuch as race is a facet of class (according to me), I might be more inclined to name it the "poor man's fight" with an understanding that "poor" by definition in [...]

Albert Einstein: Physicist. Genius. Race Man?

It is no secret that J. Edgar Hoover’s F.B.I. kept surreptitious files on individuals and groups considered to be threats to the country’s security—that is, the status quo of have and have-nots.  That “security” would be maintained at all costs—lies and murders were not above the measures taken. Among those in the files were African [...]

Know Samuel Yette? Now You Do.

Samuel F. Yette, 81, a journalist, author and educator who became an influential and sometimes incendiary voice on civil rights, died Jan. 21 at the Morningside House assisted-living facility in Laurel. He had Alzheimer's disease. In a career spanning six decades, Mr. Yette (pronounced "Yet") worked for many news organizations and government agencies and held [...]

Wonder Woman: Henrietta Lacks

We have so many Michaels in my family they all have to have handles of some kind--Little Mike, Big Mike, Michael Nicholas.  This comes from the youngest of those three: Michael Nicholas. (Thanks Mike!) It's the story of Henrietta Lacks, whose cells were  cultured by George Otto Gey to create an immortal cell line for [...]