I have the opportunity to travel to Denver, NYC, L.A. and Paris in the next two (2!) months to present my creative work and I couldn’t be more excited or anxious–like anxiety anxious but in a good way– and of course humbled.  I can’t go to all the conferences not only because three of the events happen the same weekend (!) but also because I cannot afford the trip(s).


So I have planned to accept the invitations to L.A. (Associated Writing Programs) and Pawp.jpgaris (James Baldwin Conference) because they ultimately offer the most bang for my buck professionally and creatively.  And thanks to Murphy’s Law, they are also the two most expensive trips I could choose out of the bunch!

Anyway, I’m humbly asking for your help.  Here’s how you can: if you like my work, please buy it.  That’s a win-win, right?

Breathing Lessons 101 is available for $20.00 which includes shipping and handling plus my John Hancock inside.

I’m also selling several mini prints from Breathing Lessons 101 and Tropism at society6_logoThey’re giclee prints on acid-free archival paper and are suitable for framing.


If my work doesn’t appeal to you; if your bookshelf is too full; if your walls have no room for more art,  or if you’re just kinda looking at the stuff blessing my heart–you know the good ol’ bless her heart–I hope you’ll consider blessing it with a good old fashioned donation.

To put a dime in my collection plate, you can go to PayPal and transfer money.  It’s pretty straightforward.  Go to, select “send” on top menu bar, type in my account “” and identify yourself as “family and friends” which will keep either of us from being charged for the transaction.  The amount you share is up to you; you know, just like you did in the brass plates and wicker baskets of pre-sermon collection.

I love you all for the support you’ve given me to get me this far.  I know I didn’t get here  alone and know I won’t be traveling alone.  I mean I know other folks will be on the flights but you get what I’m saying?  I know you all will be wishing me sturdy knees and an unshaky speaking voice.    **Insert awkward hugs here.**awkward hugs.gif

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