Some Humble Advice for Writers

My first blog post ever. Happy 9 year blogiversary to me.

darlene anita scott


I had a Chinese pen pal when I was in middle school.  Her penmanship was meticulous.  I tried to imitate it.   I think handwriting is the most organic yet undervalued art—the kind most of us are capable of and don’t even realize it.  You can tell such an honest story with it.  It doesn’t have the affectations of most of the art we see hanging on the hallowed walls of galleries and museums. Words can be like that too. 

My friend and I were joking that there are words among Black folk that are organically perfect.  They just happen.  In the process of just happening, they are honest and direct.  And beautiful.   Like when your grandmother asks you for “some sugar.”  It’s sweet; it’s musical.  And she warns you not to get on “that stuff.”   Her directive is just as illustrative as…

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