Poems for Baga

Call for poems…

“Hello writers! You’ve written poems for Ferguson, Gaza, Hong Kong, Palestina, and, most recently, Paris. Now is the time to write for Baga (the town where Boko Haram massacred 2000 people two days back on the Nigerian-Chadian border). A few hours after I posted a query asking which editor/publisher could help publish poems on Baga, Annmarie Lockhart, the publisher of Unbound Content, an independent publishing house, based in Englewood, New Jersey and the first editor to ever publish my poems contacted me and offered to publish an anthology of pieces responding to Baga and other atrocities committed by Boko Haram. I’ll be editing the anthology. So send 5 poems/short prose about Baga or relating to Boko Haram’s activities to dammyg1989@live.com Send in plain text. Cover letter isn’t required, but please include a bio in case your work is selected. Deadline, 27th of February!
There is no excuse for not submitting. If you can write for those other places you could write for Baga. Google Boko Haram for more information on the tragedy and find inspiration for your poems! Thank you!”


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