I Voted.

i ran and i voted
These stickers always cause me to have a moment.

I voted.

It’s a simple gesture–my polling place is a few blocks from my home.  The screens are touchscreen and simple to handle.

So I voted.

Also, this morning while waiting for the polls to open so I could vote, I sat with 2 young white women talking about fartleks and teaching; and with an older maternal black lady who had to be to work by 6:15.  She walked with a limp: baby, I might be a while she said as we went up all those steps in the train station.  The train station that sits between the site of a slave burial ground turned into a parking lot and a still standing open air market that once housed the town whipping post.

Yesterday, my students and I studied DuBois’ double consciousness.

Take your time I told her.  Me.  Always running on Late.  The couple behind me chattered and seemed unperturbed.  The more time I have to soak this in the better. 


One thought on “I Voted.

  1. So thought provoking…voting for those like you & me always provokes thoughts.. I somehow always think of the time when it were not possible – even if you wanted to do so – and I kinda like to look at those that ARE voting..check their expressions…and when I see those that are disabled/older/slower/ I get a special feeling…then I see those that are just chattering on and it reminds me of the PRIVILEGE….glad you voted – exercise your RIGHT to DO So…


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