Yeah, I Said It

For real: I did.  And some folks thought it was worth printing.
I hope you think it’s worth reading; check it out here:

ITCH, a literary magazine out of South Africa, published two poems in its issue. “Algebra” and “How Today Will Look When It’s History 14 September 1977” are from my manuscript Marrow re-imagining Jonestown Guyana where over 900 Americans were coerced into suicide by their spiritual leader Jim Jones.

In the Spring 2012 issue of Tidal Basin Review, you can read a kind of old poem: Black Boy Turns Thirteen and a pretty new one: The Last Supper 21 September 2011. The issue examines the prison industrial complex and capital punishment.  Support engaged writing–buy a copy; besides it’ll be a collector’s item soon–Marrow is making moves after all.


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