Conversations that happen in my head v.1

“I think inspiration is given too much credit. It can only do so much—never any of the heavy lifting that’s required when crafting a poem. Inspiration is a lazy architect who gives you a blueprint with only the front door drawn, then snoozes on a hammock while you build the entire house.”            (David Hernandez)

Aww damn.

Slouching out to the courtyard with composition book and pencil.

Can’t I just do some hill repeats?

“Hell no,” say my punk legs like they really finished their workout this morning.

Hey wusses–y’all didn’t even make it through set 3.  But I guess it ain’t your fault.  This being a punctual employee thing is really screwing up the workouts.

Hey, hey HEY!  Stop stalling and and get to writing; lunch breaks don’t last always.

Alright already.  Sheesh.

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