Blog Challenge Day 11: Of Exes and Oohs

Day 11: Write a letter to one of your exes.

This letter could probably be written to anyone I ever dated really; they all have ended the same:  It ain’t working; I say it; they feign confusion; we play around a little bit more; done.

No we can’t ever be friends so stop ogling me like a perv.

Dear You:

The worst part of ending our relationship was knowing that the friendship had to go with it.  And yet to say I wish we could be friends wouldn’t be accurate either.

The thing is, friendships like ours—that is the kind that act as the precursors to relationships— are really like sand on a beach.  They erode and wash away over time to become something else.  Sometimes they become solid, like coral reef you know–like last forever.  And sometimes, they just melt to the bottom of the ocean.  But they don’t stay friendships.

So no, we won’t be ever be friends again and trying to be just made us both look and act kinda foolish.  There’s not much between us, otherwise, that didn’t get said.

But just in case you were wondering because I was always better at saying this than showing it: I liked you; I really did.  And frankly now I finally get that the fact that you couldn’t tell or refused to believe me just confirms that we weren’t meant to be anything other than people on each other’s list.

Good luck with finally coming to the end of yours.  When you do just know she will never me as fly as me but as long as she’s fly to you…

Seriously, I hope she throws shoes and irons and more or less dangerous fits for you.  I hope you enjoy her company, make pretty babies, and love her at least as much.  I hope you have a nice life.

For real,

One thought on “Blog Challenge Day 11: Of Exes and Oohs

  1. Now this is what I’d call a perfect, really purrrrrfect, letter to an ex! Sharing just enough, wishing them well, but not without a couple possibilities for problems in the next relationship…but not permanent…hmmmmm! Nobody can argue w/dat! Again I say, you really have a way w/words!!


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