Blog Challenge Day 4: Meet the Tribe

Whoops–I’m already falling off the wagon!  Anyway here is what should’ve been yesterday’s blog post.

Day 4: Post a picture of you and your family.

Little Ernest Jr. was ornery as all get out.  So ornery that he left Virginia at 13 in the exhaust fumes of the truant officer.  He crossed the Mason-Dixon line and right into the cross hairs of his future wife.  Their courtship was the stuff of high school romance: there were proms, others, and coy notes on the back of class pictures.

Then there were babies.  (Well after Vietnam and the wedding, lest I skip too many stones and trip).

Which is probably how Little Ernest Jr. discovered (or developed depending on who you ask) his superpower which heretofore had been on the high school track and now was behind the wheel of muscle cars and 18 wheelers.  (Ask any sheriff along the Eastern seaboard).

Afro Lady handled the home front, whipping hair and butts into shape with her famous Afro comb (the wide toothed one with the long handle).

The babies came…and came…and came until they started coming in twos!  By the time Afro Lady and Speedracer were finished,  110 with its single bathroom and the phone with the super long cord, was stuffed to the gills with girls: Denise (b.k.a. Niecy), Dianne, Debra (b.k.a. Debbie), and the twins: Darlene and Doreen (b.k.a. The Babies).

The D Posse (known in some circles as “Mr. Scotty’s girls” and in others as the “b**ches in the Black Fifth Avenue”) have carried the legacy through the hallowed halls of universities, from sweaty dancehalls to pulpits.

And now there are more babies…Justin, Wilson, Paige, Dorian, Dion, Rachel, Wesley, and Jessica.

And since they haven’t started coming in twos yet, we figure there might just be more…

Meet the tribe:

2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge Day 4: Meet the Tribe

  1. Sooooo does this mean you ‘failed the exercise’ since you neglected to include YOURSELF in any of the pics?! I did enjoy seeing them, plus reading through the script, but REALLY???? But no fair – I missed seeing YOU, and what’s the ‘tribe’ without you?!


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