Sucker Punch

Today I got a really cool book in the mail.

It’s called We Feel Fine: An Almanac of Human Emotion and it’s full of pictures and excerpts from blogs around the globe.  Very coffee table chic, full color glossy pages.

But I didn’t order it.  (Books have been one of the casualties of my waxing mostly waning income).

And my name—nor the name of anyone I personally know—is anywhere in it.

I’m not reviewing the collection for another publication either.

Publishers decided to send me this book as a consolation prize.

See, when they first contacted me it was to borrow from my blog a picture of me looking/being emotional.  You know, to go with their whole human emotions schtick.

Our next communication was when I signed permissions, gave first serial rights.  You know, the whole bit.

Then I heard from them again: sorry, kid, not this time.  They had selected too many images and had to cut some.  Among the severed: my stuff.

But they promised to send me a copy of the finished product anyway.  For being such a good sport, you know, and not shouting FUGGERS AND BLACK BEANS! really loud when I discovered that I had a new rejection to add to my Monthly Meter.  And I was invited to the launch reception and the invite only after party in New York City.

I found the perfect Anna Sui dress yesterday to go with, oh shucks, the party was last week.

Woo-hoo: the writerly life…FUGGERS AND BLACK BEANS!

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