“Next Week” Has Come and Gone

Yes, it was a coupla weeks ago that I promised to post pics of The Twin’s graduation.

The Twin indeed graduated.
The Twin was indeed decorated.
I was proud and tired.
The latter would be my excuse
except it’s just not true.

So without further fanfare nor delay,
because I know you’ve been waiting with baited breath
(okay maybe not so much but a little anxiously, right?)
I offer pictures from the occasion:

Doreen's graduation 002

The Twin (on the left) and her classmates

graaduation 2009 024(2)The Twin, our triplet (I mean, our sister Debbie), and moi

the bakersThe Twin and her husband Andre

Mom and Dad of the grad

The Proud Parents

graaduation 2009 044Doreen (aka The Twin) and our big sister Dianne

well wishers

The Twin’s sons Dorian (r) and Dion (l) and our nephew Justin with our other sister (yes, there’s one more of us), Denise

Congratulations, chica, te amo muchas!


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