My Other Glass Slipper

This comes from a series of essays I began back when Skippy was a pup called Angry With Abstinence and Other Reasons to Riot about (among other things) my Chinese pen pal, growing up in the crack era, how dying my hair matched my relationships, and dating a drug dealer I pretended I did not know was a drug dealer.   So many reasons to riot.

I am not looking for nor waiting to be reunited with my other glass slipper. I never owned a pair; never thought about wanting a pair, and I did not lose one. (But if I did I would retrace my steps and find it).If it was not where I lost it, I would buy another pair.

The truth is I have enough shoes already.Yes there is a such thing as enough and I have it.I’m sheltered, well-fed, loved, respected, and fairly easily and regularly entertained.That’s certainly enough.

But sometimes this girl likes to have more than enough.I like a large ice cream cone even if the kiddy cone is enough.I like a full tank of gas even if half a tank is enough to get me where I gotta go.I like a stocked pantry.I buy and make earrings like I’m a boutique merchandiser.

My consideration of a pair of glass slippers, however, is not about having enough pairs of shoes.Or enough anything for that matter.I’ve already established that I’m good with that.

But glass slippers are special.They can easily trump enough.

You know, like Birkenstocks.  One pair (with a little re-corking from time to time and barring any crazy disaster) generally lasts a lifetime.Nothing in my pantry will do that; I will probably tire of my earrings and want a new style.Or else, they’ll break from use.

Birkenstocks only require some breaking in and are actually improved by years of use.They are tried and true which is why hippies and hipsters alike having been choosing them for decades.They are a tad more expensive than some other shoes because they are quality made, durable, and still giving.

Yes, glass slippers are that kind of special which is why I would be willing to hunt for a missing one rather than rush out to buy a new pair.

My shopping for glass slippers is not unlike my general shopping rules.I am not interested in poorly done knock off versions.Sale price is good; clearance can be great, but not if it is because the pair is the overly used display model or else so unappealing that no one would buy it anyway.

I don’t care who likes my choice of glass slippers either.Maybe I like mine with a kitten heel and Women are into stilettos, but since my name is not Women there is no need to tell me what some chick named Women likes.Her opinions and needs when it comes to picking glass slippers are not mine.They might be similar in some ways—well, at least as far as the glass part goes.But other’n that, we have different shoe sizes, different tastes, different distance and terrain to walk in these shoes.

If I decide to buy a pair of glass slippers—and though the rush of shopping is fun (maybe more fun than the purchase)– this still remains a big ol’ if, they will not be chosen with the expectation that they will complete my wardrobe.Enough is still enough.And I have enough.Of course, accessorizing it doesn’t hurt .

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