My Birthday


Yesterday was the first birthday
I’ve spent with my family in a number of years.

They’re nice people; polite, humble, intelligent, funny people who have not held it against me that I save trips home for everyday holidays more than ones marked on the calendar.

It was a noisy experience as is usually the case when the 5 of my parents’ girls converge on their home with nieces, nephews, husbands, and food.  It is a bit less tame than this:birthday-34-with-the-family

I’m a twin (that’s my other half in the black hoodie holding one of our nephews), but have often thought of birthdays as a solitary experience; an opportunity to reflect on one’s own life path:

birthday-34-againNo matter who is with us as we travel it; we begin and end the journey alone.

But luckily, we get to share the journey itself–sometimes with people we didn’t even get to choose:

Who turn out to be pretty cool anyway.  Which, I think, is really cool.

One thought on “My Birthday

  1. Well Dar – this is really cute, special & cool..and it says a lot…we really do enter and leave this journey called life ‘alone’ but it’s the people and places we get to lean, live with or in/ touch/visit that makes the journey meaningful.

    Such a deep thinker you are..and to think, you are a a part of ME! Hope your birthday was special…

    Love ya…Mommy


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