Spring Fever



Class 1: 7 students
Class 2: 10 students
Class 3: 10 students; 2 late enough to be ignored on the roll.
Diagnosis: Spring Fever

It’s not the weather. Today was cold like it forgot March 21 has come and gone.

But it’s here.  It’s that time of year and that state of mind and I’m as guilty as my students.  I stay up too late; sleep too long; wake up to rush to do stuff that shoulda been done when I was staying up too late.

I’m always anxious for summer.  In the academic world, everything can stop for those who choose.  I never manage to really stop because I always have “plans” to write this, make that, read some stuff, and go to as many somewheres as my budget will allow.  That’s the kind of going I prefer.

But as my sinuses swell angrily winding all through my nose up and all around my forehead, taunting me: it’s here; it’s really here I’m still trying to coax myself from the craft project and back to the paper grading.  That’s the kind of going I need to get to right now.  But I’ve been bitten by the bug.

Ughh spring fever.

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