What Kind of Fuckery Is This?

I borrow from Amy Winehouse.
Check her out.  She’s hotness and I don’t mean like hot trash on a muggy August afternoon but like the chick that got you staring at the phone, willing it to ring, blowing in your palms and sniffing like that’s the reason…

I’m scared of people who have child porn on their computers.  I’m even more scared of Big Brother keeping tabs on computers and making sure what I’m researching, watching, and who and what I’m emailing is on their version of the up and up.

I’m bored with the argument that homosexuality is immoral by people who don’t see anything wrong with a society that promises that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

I’m baffled by people who say they wanna get in touch with you and then tell you to call them.  I’m more baffled when I call them and they act surprised by the call or worse, never return the call.

I’m totally in love with Lorna Doones this week.

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