Stranger in a Strange Land

I'm only recently accepting the extent to which my physical body has been intrinsic to how I self-identify.  The realization has come on the heels of a bunch more that are the result of the heart failure (cardiomyopathy if you like big words) diagnosis in September. My body has changed significantly in the way I use it for self-identification purposes.   [...]

Goals, or Justifying My Crazy

Goals are a fairly new phenomenon in my life.  I avoided them, not for fear that I couldn’t reach them but because I saw them as a definitive and absolute marker of Success.  Which is not how I’d like to picture Success.  That definition is just too absolute and that alone makes it daunting.  Which [...]


I started running around May of 2010.  By the following March I had completed a half marathon, a marathon, and a 10k.  In that order. I jumped into the marathoning part feet first. Within a year of completing my first in March 2011, I had completed 4—my 4th was a year to the day of [...]