Conversations that happen in my head…

From February 2015…

darlene anita scott

…and maybe should stay there.


I have gone through those break-ups that deflate you, suffered losses in which you know you will never stop missing the person as long as you exist on the planet and they do not.  I have physically hurt to the point of tears, curses, and moans–all of which are a relatively uncommon phenomenon in my life.

I know the numbness that hovers about and then follows the pain; pain in which you feel your skin–I wrote this once when I could find no reasonable fix–is turned inside out.  Pain without a beginning or end.

Pain is a solitary act.  A lonely beast of a burden.  For no one can feel it but you.  Others can know it; can see it on you; have had their own and therefore can empathize with yours.  But it is your coat to wear, and if you’re lucky…

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