[vintage UtR] Club Bangers are Made Not Born; or

It’s always interesting to watch the evolution of my own thoughts and ideas. It wouldn’t read the same if I wrote it today. Similar but not the same. Anyway…

darlene anita scott

Personal Responsibility and the Ways We Bullshit Ourselves Into Believing We Practice It

 Last night I found myself at a club with a group that is well educated, well spoken, well traveled and eat well for all of those reasons among others.  They are DuBois’ Talented Tenth but instead of bringing the other ninety percent of the race to the same prosperity of material, mind, and spirit; they make maybe the most severe contributions to what keeps them from it.

How does a trip to Club 609 in St. Louis’ Loop suggest such a big premise?  Well just imagine the kind of music that was playing there to which we were supposed to mindlessly dance because, well, we wanted to dance. As the circle of women tightened on the semblance of a dance floor, a sort of 80’s mix of “It Takes Two” and the “Humpty Dance” made me…

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