Breathing Lessons 101 at North American Review Bicentennial

So I presented Breatbreathing lessons 101hing Lessons 101 for the first time as the multi-media project it is–well, with some of the photos I intend to use anyway–at the Bicentennial of the North American Review in Cedar Falls, Iowa.north american review conference

The two women on my panel were also multi-media artists, one a fiction writer, Susan Jackson Rogers, talked about her new project which is a textual collage and showed some of her recent visual art collages (and y’all know I love my collages).  The other, Darla Biel, discussed her ekphrasis on Harvey Dunn.  Her project incorporates dance, something which (secret club) I’ve considered doing; can’t y’all just see choreography for How the Body Remembers?  Ekphrasis on steroids, right?  It was definitely affirming to share the podium with them.

Ahh, so many projects, so many ideas, and never enough time!

But in the meantime, here’s the presentation, I gave.  Online Powerpoint has removed some of the nuances, but you’ll get the idea.  Sorry you can’t read the poems that I shared in their entirety; you’ll have to show up to my next reading and/or wait on the book!

(I still have copies of the collector’s edition available if you need a fix in the meantime).

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