Happy Soon-to-Be New Year

On the last Sunday of 2014, I revisit my reflections from the last Sunday of 2007. Be good or better yet, be good at it.

darlene anita scott


12:30-something on the last Sunday of the year, my clothes lay across the bed like business and I’m in the sunroom wearing a towel (my stomach growling beneath it, What about me)?

Should I…what if I…maybe I…will I…why won’t you…but I have their hands up begging to be answered first like I have answers for any of them.  Suckers.

I rarely plan my life more than two weeks in advance.  Don’t tell anyone, but I know that I will die young.  Not tomorrow young.  But I won’t ever be the Mother of the Church. 

Yet I believe in it all.  Oh yes, Prince Charming and Publisher’s Clearinghouse.  I have rarely been the beneficiary of such faith.  I will be the first to tell you that doing the “right thing” does not good karma make. I have done the “right thing” most of my life and so far…

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