When Crumbs Don’t Bring Them Home: Watching the Trial of George Zimmerman

darlene anita scott

trayvon martin with friend Trayvon Martin, 15-17 (undated)

emmett till collage Emmett Till, 14

dorian april 2013 Dorian (my nephew), 14

I’m trying to follow the case against George Zimmerman, accused of the murder of Trayvon Martin.

Trying still to skip around the stone in my throat, even though it feels like I may never not be tripping over such stones everytime I revisit this case.  Or the case of Oscar Grant, hell, Sean Bell, Emmett Till, Aiyana Jones, place the name of a young black man you know here.

george junious stinneyGeorge Junious Stinney, 14

This poem appeared on UtR shortly after Trayvon’s death.  I removed it so that it could find a wider audience in the Stand Our Ground anthology.  I’ve wanted to write more, but I keep coming back here, same stone, which makes the title all the more fitting, eh?  This is all, so, ughhhhh.  Bleh.  Yes, that.  And this:

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