Daydream Sequence #13

Today, in the middle of the recent struggle which I will just call August because really they have no names, I drifted into a family gathering and it was noisy. No surprise there. My uncle—the one who always reminds me that my greatest investment is in myself—was pleading with me to go back to school to get my PhD. No surprise there. I was giving him my passionate explanation of my decision not to. I could see my cousins in the other room, the other twins particularly (twins run in our family), and hear them talking to—it was Aunt Sarah! (She joined the ancestors in 2001). There she was on the couch. I jetted into her arms. “I thought I heard you! I knew you were here. I knew it was you.” I barely let her get a word in because I was babbling, “I knew it; I knew it!” And I was crying. She hugged me so tight, “Yeah, I’m here.” I was so excited I forced myself awake to call—No-o-o-o! All I wanted to do was go back into the daydream. I looked at the clock—10 minutes. “Yeah, girl, I’m here.”
from aunt sarah
About this.  And some others.

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