What had happened… (True story)

In 1999 or so a guy died in police custody.   I know–a quite unfamiliar story.  Especially in the sleepy little colonial capital of Dover, Delaware.   Not that I hadn’t been taught early on that “Dover cops” were “cowboys.”  They shot a dude in the dentist’s chair!  True story.

There was mad shade surrounding the case.  I sent a letter to the press detailing the shade.   It was a long letter.  They called and asked for my picture and a blurb.  I gave it to them.  Then the downstate press published it as “guest commentary”  and titled it “How Society Criminalizes Blackness.”  True story.

Johnny Cochran came.  True story.   (Not because of me or that article titled like fighting words).

The family had a feud over which of the deceased’s baby mamas should get the spoils.  True story.

Johnny and his team left town.

Over a decade later, I revisit the story.  Another true story.  The same old story.  With the same question: so who is the criminal again?

criminology chart

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