darlene anita scott

As promised, I’ve been working out this obituary. And I got a new idea while writing it. I’m developing a collection of poems on Jonestown and I’m thinking I’ve found a format: a series of obituaries of the people in the pictures. Well as I imagine them since many aren’t identified. Just a thought.

But the obituary you shall read today is actually my own. As written by me. Morbidity aside, the exercise was fairly useful in reminding me why I feel like an alien beamed here for the sport of the gods.

And it jumpstarted that Jonestown thing that’s been in the starting blocks since August. Whew, good save. The world really does not need any more of my bad oil paintings and y’all know how I get to gluing and painting when I get stuck in my writing.

Okay so before the obituary, a disclaimer of sorts: Deification…

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