Conversations That Happen In My Head #3

1.  If I was better at ass-kissing I’d likely be further in life.   But alas, I never mastered the art and good karma has always made me tingly and blush.

2.  Headache, you slay me.  Now go away–my amusement at your attempts to distract me has worn off.

3.  Kid, you’re gonna be great–my message to my students; a lesson to me.

4.  Read.  Write. Repeat.  And cook the ginger syrup; yes, simmer the syrup D.

One thought on “Conversations That Happen In My Head #3

  1. Sad but true…about the ass-kissing that is…..the rest is beyond reproof…the kids are gonna be great and ginger is good for a lot that ails us! Keep thinking kiddo…you make a lot of sense.


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