I do it because…

McDonald’s Half Marathon
Richmond, VA
13 November 2010

I can :).

And some people can’t 😦
and maybe wouldn’t, probably, if they could walk 😉

But still Because…

I love the high
and drugs do other not-so- nice things to a body.

Because it made my boobs shrink :(.
And my waist :).
And I can now wear clothes I couldn’t fit :).
but can’t fit some of my favorites :(.

Because I never thought I could.

Because Raina said I could too.

Because Daddy liked to listen to Kojak loud
when what I needed was silence.

Because depression is a biotch.

Because everyday I am getting to be
who I might have become.

And to show others it’s not too late for them, either,
to become who they might have been, that is,

(and also stronger).
(And also a member of a group often viewed with wide-eyed wonder 🙂
and sometimes squinty-eyed disdain, confusion, or indifference :(.

Because I like having time all to myself to think
or not think at all.

Because it gets me where I’m going.

To be still.  And to know.

Because I like, okay love, sweets.

Because my family is waiting at the finish line.

Because I’m not as fast as I want to be 😦
and not as slow as I used to be 🙂

To enjoy the leaves changing colors, budding, blooming
and the feel of my own sweat trickling down my spine.

To watch the sun rise, go down,
and to catch up to the city skyline

and in case I can’t tomorrow.

To be better than I was yesterday.

I run.

One thought on “I do it because…

  1. Alrighty now Dar…that’s MY gurrrrrl:) iI like that…you do it because…..(out of many other reasons)….you CAN! Well that’s a good thing – you can do it for me because as Grandmom used to say, “I glory in your spunk”. Keep on writing (for me too..) until I do my own!


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