Mile 12

Today I finished mile 12 of my half marathon training!

In January when I put out an official notice that I “did not intend to tiptoe through life” I didn’t exactly have this in mind.

At the time I had no real idea how to undertake or whether I would be able to undertake that plan at all. Turns out, it wasn’t my call anyway.

My life is not the same struggle that some might have, at least not as apparently to the naked eye.  To say I enjoy the workout might be an exaggeration but the results seem (with each passing day moreso) worth the struggle.

I am grateful that the Universe is wiser than me.  Surely She must be getting a laugh, tsk-tsking my self-doubt, worry, trying-to-take-Her-job-by-making-my-own-plan.

I am grateful to my girl, Raina, for telling me years ago: go forth–your genetically crunching knock-knees will follow, for sponsoring my first mile and my first training shoes;
to my sisters for not getting tired of hearing me talk about running (or at least not saying it);
to my parents for keeping a close eye on my sleep and eating patterns (even when I didn’t);
to Thomas-at-the-Track for the jump rope, much needed conversation, and not trying to achieve a personal best while I just tried to keep up;
for pretzels;
and cheap bananas from Gigante;
and for my nieces and nephews being so cute and smart and ambitious and making me wanna be those things too;
for being unemployed so long that I was certain I would lose all shreds of confidence never to be found again;
for losing it and finding its crumbs to begin this long journey back to where I began;
and for Aunt Sarah for being my cheerleader even when I masked my insecurities in modesty;
for losing my toenails in August instead of when they first started bruising in May from the friction of my pre-Raina make-dos;
for sports bras;
the 9-5’ers on Cary;
that blasted hill on Byrd Street;
and all the lights between 4th and 15th Streets;
for today;
maybe tonight if life lasts and dreams abide;
and for your sponsorship.

You will sponsor me right?

…What do you get in return?

Well the race fees support Donate Life Virginia.  In case you didn’t know, you (yes YOU) have the capacity to save at least seven people by donating your organs upon your transition (1 heart + 1 liver + 2 kidneys + 2 lungs + 1 pancreas = 7 lives you can save).  Your donations help me support them.  See, win-win!  (PM me if you’re interested).

So to add to my list:
I am also grateful for sore knees
that will help ensure that someone else gets to use theirs another day.

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