rethink: Soon

Soon adv. (sūn) in the near future; shortly; without hesitation; promptly

I’m gonna sneak “soon” and beat it like it stole my last two dollars.
My nails are clipped—well the truth is they split, tear, anddddddd—well look: I got a fresh jar of Vaseline.

Or I can make it look like an accident.

For nearly two years, what will happen “soon” has branded my existence like a street vendor’s finest.  Which goes to show that “soon” is either a relative term, is being tossed around a little too loosely.
O-o-o-o-o-or as I have surmised: a concept that works in theory but not necessarily in real time.

It’s a promise one can make or even assume but let’s face it, it holds no real weight.  Abstractions have a hard time doing that.  It’s never clear how heavy they are so it can’t be determined how much weight they can handle.

For example: how do you know how much to pack for a vacation if you haven’t bought the luggage?  You can plan, but until you get the luggage, that pile of toiletries and jersey knits beside your bed has the potential to shrink or expand.
**Okay, not the best example.**

And potential?  Yet another abstraction.  It may be palpable but it’s not tangible; carries no real weight without something tangible to back it up.

So maybe Vaseline won’t be the best thing for this fight; gonna need a good grip on this slippery little shape shifter.  And don’t try to hold me back lest you catch a bad one, too.  Trust me: this ain’t the time.

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