Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Timely fodder for this month–stuff about love…
Plus today is my mom and dad’s 43rd wedding anniversary.

(Imagine that)!

Anyway, it seemed as good a time as any to share a soundtrack of some of my favorite love songs.  It’s hardly an exhaustive list, but these are definitely among my all time favs.

What are some of your favorites?  Tell me in the comments…

1.  Is This Love – Bob Marley

This song is classic.  There’s nothing more to say.

2. U & I – Emily King

Awwww.  Cute.  This is like puppy love and grown folks business all wrapped up in one–which I think is critical to sustaining love (says Six Month Sally).

3. As – Stevie Wonder

Stevie is a masterful lyricist and this cut is proof positive.  The lyrics transcend romantic love; you can play this for your “chirren” without sacrificing a shred of its meaning or the urgency of the message.

4. We Got a Love Thang – CeCe Penniston

Secretly I thought of this as me and my high school boyfriend’s “song.”  Until we broke up.  Then I wore out a couple of her other songs.  But this song still captures the fun part of being in love without being goofy.  Okay, maybe a little goofy.

5. For Real – Amel Larrieux

The quality of Amel’s voice lends itself to love songs and she consistently delivers.  I like this one because of the message.  Another person can’t make you whole–you gotta be that by yourself.  But a person can make you “love/feel/be better.”

6. Groovy Kind of Love – Phil Collins

The clean simple lines of this song make it all the more poignant.

7. Somebody Loves You Back – Teddy Pendegrass

“It’s so good/loving somebody/when somebody loves you back.”  Yes, Teddy I agree.

8.  No One Will – Cody Chestnutt

This is soulful and sexy–a nice balance.  (And perfect for a nice dance too).

9. Ain’t Nothing But Love – Vivian Green

This song is so giddy; I appreciate a love song that is not dripping with fake rain, brushed snares, generic sax solos, or other requisites of modern love music.

10.  Forever Mine – The O’Jays

Even the remastered versions make me think of vinyl records and Soul Train!

This cut is sexy without being sexual–a hallmark of old school jams I guess–and one of the reasons it has found its place in my get-it-girl rotation as well as my multi-generational-wedding-reception mix.

11.  My Woman Now – Buju Banton & Beres Hammond

I didn’t just choose this one because it has two of my favorite artists on the same track.  Both of them have made some really nice love songs independent of one another.  But let’s face it: the balance of Buju’s grit and Beres’ honey is dead on. This female would feel like her man’s “queen and a lady” if he played this (even if the title does sound a little cave-mannish).

12. I Love You – Gyptian

I dare you to find a sweeter riddim.  Double dog dare you.

13. Make You Feel My Love – Adele
This is a Bob Dylan remake; I actually like Adele’s version best among his and all the other remakes.

Even when she admits “I know you haven’t made your mind up yet,” it sounds tender and not desperate.  You know there’s a fine line between the two–being willing to “crawl down the avenue” and “go hungry” for someone could be perceived as a little of both.  But ain’t that love for you!

14. Kiss of Life – Sade

You knew Sade had to show up on here somewhere.  This is one of her jazziest numbers but it still delivers the sensual groove that made her a legend.  And if you haven’t had one of these kisses, well, bless you.

15.  The Truth – India.Arie

The Truth: Mr./s. Perfect doesn’t exist.  But Mr./s. Perfect For You just might.  The song addresses that (she admits her love interest is imperfect) and manages not to dis love in the process.


I could go on all night.  But now it’s your turn–tell me about some of your favorite love songs in the comments.

One thought on “Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

  1. Oh Dar – beautiful! Would you believe we just saw this post & listened to excerpts (at least) from ALL & your commentary was intriguing! We actually knew only a FEW of the songs you’ve listed and they’re all like US – 43 years is a looong time for us, and we’ve been trhough sooo much, but through it all we can STILL say we’re still loving & in love – and that speaks volumes. As for a special song for and to us – it would be ‘God Bless Our Love”, I believe by Gene Chandler. Other than that it would be Teddy’s song “So Good …Loving Somebody, When Somebody Loves You Back’. That says it ALL. Thanks for taking us ‘there’ and giving us something more to think about and most of all, for caring. We be in this together you know!


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