Ummm…About This 5k

nag champa

There are squirrels in the walls and they’re driving me crazy.

Just thought I’d share so that whatever comes out of my mouth next is not held against me later…

So about this 5k.  I’m officially discouraged.  I ran twice today—yes, that is two times.  This morning and then tonight.  I cannot tell you how badly I suck.  I thought this was supposed to get easier and if not easier at least better.  But I did not do better.  And it certainly was not easier.  I want to give up.  No really, those two runs in a day might’ve seemed like some serious determination but they were really just my usual serious fight with a general mood of suckiness and the desire to erase it.  After doing a piss poor job both times I resorted to my marshmallows, Nag Champa, and my peace candles.   Of course when the sub woofers are turned on the t.v. downstairs and the squirrels are having a little shindig in the wall one cannot meditate comfortably on the general suckiness of the day’s occurrences.

Sooooo instead here’s what’s good with a girl:

-Your text.  Sweet.  You know who you are.
-Kashi bars on sale for 1.49.  Seven whole grains on a mission.
-My twin graduates on Sunday.  She’ll be wearing cords, ropes, all sorts of decorations and other well earned what nots around her neck too!  (I’ll post pics so come back through next week).
-Nag Champa.  In the blue and red box.  All those others are imposters!
-“Capoeira do Brasil” by Sergio Mendes because it always makes me feel like I can dance.

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