My Positive (Okay Maybe Not All Positive) Spin On Being Single

I have been single for longer than I have been in any relationship-and that is counting all of my relationships combined. Certainly, I have been single for a reason. One big old reason is because I kind of like being single. Hey, it’s a hard habit to break. Here are my top three reasons why:

I Get To Flirt (Unrepentantly and Incessantly).
Okay so I’ve never made a conscious effort to stop flirting when I’ve been attached to someone. Generally once I’m with someone, all of me is with them and I’m too oblivious to flirt. There have been exceptions to that rule, but we’re talking about rules here not exceptions! As a single woman, there are no ride home arguments about what me and your boy were talking about nor any guilt about my antics with the sneaker salesman while you were in CA. Oops, got a little precise there. Yeah: as much as I want, with whom I want, when I want. No strings attached. I like it like that.

My Holidays Are My Own (And Don’t Have to Be Shared With Annoying In-Laws).
I’ve realized this benefit from the annual bitching I am subjected to hearing from attached friends. Amazingly their significant others never possess the terrible qualities that run rampant in their families. Such terrible qualities include the foods their in-laws eat, the music they listen to, the size of their homes, and the way their homes smell. Admittedly, holidays can be lonely (cue violins here). I have a big family but they all dissipate eventually to head to the in-laws’. And there I am. Single. Not sharing my holidays with a damn soul. Can’t have it all.

I Can Do It By Myself (and I Know It).
I probably drive my dad a little crazy with this; he’s a little Sharia about the separation of “women’s” business and “men’s” business. Maybe I’m just too impatient, maybe too independent to wait on a man (or anyone else) to handle what I can do for myself. Which I’m just stubborn enough to be convinced is everything. So I have my toolkit, yellow pages, and my big girl panties. Believing in myself, without anybody’s validation, is probably the best part of being single I can think of.


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