Whimper’s Olympics

Image Courtesy of “A Welsh View”


They say you can tell a lot about a person by watching how they behave under pressure.  If the last four months have been any indication of the real me, you have likely found that I’m a gold medalist in the Whimper’s Olympics.

This accomplishment is not one in which I can take pride nor full credit I’m afraid.  Life has not been particularly kind for a girl who tried to play by the rules only to get cheated out of the game.  But therein is how I have won so big in this event.

So I tried making a pact with myself that I would not whine so much; that I will be the even tempered chill chick I used to like to think was me.

And within less than an hour after thinking that, my computer screen decided to become its own art project with splotches of black ink and rainbow vertical and horizontal lines.  I called to have the situation fixed only to learn that the extended warranty that was supposed to be transferred onto the computer was never transferred to it.

And I got news that two jobs for which I am over qualified have decided to give me bullshit rejections about not having the proper qualifications.

Breathe.  Two.  Three.

So yes I looked about the room for something to throw.  But I didn’t throw anything.  Not even a fit.

And though it may seem that this is an opportunity to break my own record in ranting I am retiring my opinionated, very vexed self.

My world may be bleak, but it’s not black.  Yet.


Breathe two…Three…Four.

I am going to pretend that’s good enough until, hopefully someday, I believe it.

Retired Ranter

2 thoughts on “Whimper’s Olympics

    1. Thanks for the support…
      I’m still working on calm.
      Deliberate breathing has been useful as has exhaling said air really loudly–as in, like a scream–into the sound muffling always open arms of my pillow of course!

      Thanks for stopping by, by the way…come visit again!


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