Things and Stuff…

Because I know you’ve been wondering….

the good stuff:

Afro Blue (Spelman Jazz Ensemble version);
Run Come (jah mason and jah cure);
Turkey Hill brand cookies and cream ice cream;
fresh pineapple, mini marshmallows, and plain yogurt (yes together);
Graceland by Chris Abani;
successfully scraping off last year’s parking decal;
replacing said decal before i get a ticket;
students who identified the East India Trading (sic) Company;
a jingling hip scarf (ya jinglin’ baby–go ‘head baby);
a four count plie (in second) to the floor;
Aunt Sarah;
the miracle my W2’s reveal (I lived off that?  For an entire year?)

not-so-good stuff:

retrieving my manuscript from a crashed hard drive
(you say you want my ssn, first born child, and two toes from my left foot?);
rejection letters that don’t even say “thanks-for-letting-us-into-your-soul-only-to-crush-it-like-a-butterscotch-disk-under-a steel-toe-boot-dropped-along-33rd-Street”…but I’m not disappointed or anything…
and woompa, woompa (you figure it out)

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