First Day of School


Today was my first day at my new University which, by the way, is in a new state.

The students were kind.  I feel–and surely looked–really disoriented.

It didn’t help that I had no syllabus to give them considering that I have not been given the course textbook–a reader edited by members of the department.   So it’s not available from Amazon or the library.

It didn’t help that my cell phone rang–as I told them to turn theirs off or lose points–and it was a friend calling internationally whom I have not been able to get in touch with for weeks.

It didn’t help that I am worried about getting home the whole time I’m talking in my friendly professor lady voice.  You see I seem to make wrong turns everytime I make the seven minute trip between the University and my new place.

…Which is just big enough to make me sleep with too many lights on, knowing I’ll be sorry when the first gas and electric bill arrives.  Oh and it did arrive this evening as I came home with my cold fries and unforgiving chicken nuggets (since the refrigrator doesn’t work).  To the tune of $too much.00 for less than ten days!

So I’m done whining.

To the good stuff:  I have two good friends in this city.  I’m 2 hours closer to my family.  There’s an active arts community here.  I get to teach a class about stuff I’ve wanted to learn more about.  I guess that could go in the previous category too…But anyway let me keep trying to be positive…I already have my first poetry gig in October.

You know what?  That didn’t help much.

I think I’ll practice my African Dance routine…good memories.

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