Yield…Rant Ahead…Proceed With Caution…


Rant ahead…Proceed with caution…Inconsiderateness pisses me off, and tonight I’m pissed off.My blood pressure is in the clouds. They might call it a silent killer but the weight of my head yells at me to calm down. Which I can’t. I can’t because my neighbors, a popular hometown eatery, are having a concert that seems to have no end and amplifiers to match. Sure it will entice more business to our community, supports the work, live, and play ethic being promoted for this area, give folks something to do on a summer Thursday night. But to whose benefit and at whose expense? Inconsiderateness is when you think about yourself and ignore other people around you. In other words you don’t purposefully do something to someone else; in fact it is that you do nothing to acknowledge or consider that someone else.

Inconsiderateness is tonight’s concert. Forget that my art project is now mush in my brain; a mess of scraps on my bedroom floor and that my head is throbbing and that I have failed to sufficiently rest for my 7:30 a.m. bread and butter earning mission. The “live” part of the work, play, and live ethic has been ignored at worst or poorly planned for at best. But, hey, there’ll be Coronas for them and cute girls or guys to pick up and some really spiky guitar riffs. For me, wayyyy too many marshmallows, crankiness, and the pressure around my shoulders and in my back.

I never wanna be the person that lets the door go in peoples’ face; plays my car stereo so loud that residents’ windows and bric-a-brac rattle; sits down on the crowded bus while the lady with grocery bags stands holding her kid’s arm for leverage; takes the handicapped spot “because I just have to run in for a second;” goes slow in the left lane or tailgates the uneasy tourists in the right hand exit one…



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