darlene anita scott

darlene in living room 4 (2)
photo credit: Sherita Sin

 is the girl you met the other day in the grocery store. She made you wanna say something to her. You did. And now you can’t remember her name. But that wasn’t really the important part of the meeting anyway.  A poet, visual artist, and professor of composition and creative writing, she lives in Richmond, Virginia whIMG_20180415_085108_001.jpgere even though she’s too old to still play on the monkey bars, she does. Too young to remember Sam Cooke. But she listens to him anyway.

She likes making stuff (especially collages), running, making up her mind and sticking to it, and baking cookies and cakes; almost anything written by Octavia Butler; almost anything with black beans in it; and probably more than is healthy for the average human: she likes alone time and homemade popcorn—not necessarily together.

Sometimes she dances; she also daydreams incessantly. And she writes poetry. Sometimes she teaches it to people. Sometimes she reads or recites it to people. And even less often she publishes it.


She likes to stay up late and is at her best between midnight and 7 a.m.

Some people think she’s shy.  It’s true that she doesn’t talk loud or a lot, but sometimes her phone bill was extremely high (before the Everything Plan).

She could be more tolerant of overpriced grapes, leaf blowers, people who drive down the highway with parking lights on, her limits, and deafening car stereos.

She likes to laugh but doesn’t do it as often as she should; intends to run faster than she runs today; and to become one of the most important people of this century.  Or none of the above.  We’ll see.

And she’s tickled pink that you stopped by.  Rest your wraps, get some tea, spend a little time.

10 thoughts on “darlene anita scott

  1. I love your sense of self. You acknowledge the fact that you have deminsions and you seem content with that. Go take a look at my ‘About Me’ section. I can’t say the same…


  2. Darlene,

    I was a pleasure working with you. You are an awsome person. In fact being around you made me feel like I was with a friend rather than at work.

    Happy New year!

    Capital Buick Pontiac GMC


  3. Hey Frugal Expat, thanks…I was looking at your website, too.
    My plans of being an expat fell through in ’08 and I haven’t been able to leave the country since…bad travel karma maybe (among other things)…
    Please visit again!


  4. Hi, darlene. I’m Seth Sawyers, an editor for the Baltimore Review. Are you local to Maryland, by chance? We’d love to have you come and do a brief reading with us in April. We love what you’ve published with us. If interested, could you please drop me a note at sethsawyers gmail? Many thanks and all the best.

    Liked by 1 person

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