Poem #18 of 30

RITES The mind often abandons the body; the land, its dwellers. Conditions are very favorable for tornados to occur at any moment. Winds flatten the top of the clouds into anvils whose faces beg battery. Master, the tempest is raging; the billows are tossing high! On a Friday, like It wanted to punish the weekend, [...]

Poem #17 of 30

I'm trying shorter poems after reading the VQR's Instapoetry series.  It's an interesting challenge.  Anyway, read and (hopefully) enjoy.  --d HOW TOMORROW MIGHT LOOK Imagine we are at war. Imagine our lunch splattering against the cacophony; tomatoes turned sauce and stain. Imagine the floors now shanks of wood we chance for retreat.  Imagine our lips [...]

Poem #16 of 30

SAY SHE TALK SLICK Say she talk slick That girl always trying to talk slick when folks around Say she always got something slick to say so she likes grease; must like grease So she heats it. Circles the size of needle tips dance the floor of the pan.  Frozen french fries turn wimpy sweating [...]

Poem #15 of 30

IMMERSION In this new alphabet, the vowels are not bullied into second class status for membership to some Secret Club of fetishized pronunciations. There is no right way to speak it; the only rule is that it must be uttered. Yes, each syllable of its sing song for new learners shaped into the reckless certainties [...]

For the Girl Who Died By Dancing – Kei Miller

I'm behind on my 30 in 30 poem challenge.  I'm still writing.  But also reading.  Today, Malika Booker's Twitter introduced me to Kei Miller ironically as I was listening to Gyptian's Wine Slow.  This here?  Yes. For the girl who died by dancing ‘It is a warning to young people that dem mus stop du [...]

Poem #12 of 30

Do not abbreviate names except in anger—it is not an endearment. It is diminishing or worse, lazy. The impermanence of things. To send cards. To save cards. That easy words are best left to cards; hard ones might come with spit or empty air... To give it a chance. Refuse or resist. And always eat something

Poem #11 of 30

NAMING THE DEAD To clarify his failure to respond the first time: I am no longer the person I used to be He has chosen a new name that is not spoken; never written.  Though any consecration would do he holds it like a sword’s point to his side so any movement will mean blood; [...]

Poem #8 of 30

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Never in bright colors (they are not necessary) And never in disguise. Unless you are a magician, happy-maker, or by request—unspoken or in writing are fine. Come empty handed, preferably When least expected and always when promised With yourself intact even if duct tape is necessary because you can expect to be [...]