Poem #19 of 30

There’s more to this poem; I already know this.  I’ve sat with it for a good week.  It’s tired of my company right now, so we’re gonna get together again soon.  In the meantime (and because I wanted to get as close to 30 poems in this challenge as possible)…

We’re 11 year old girls

on your brother’s skateboard

floating down the middle of a parking lot

straining the last days of summer

through our teeth.

We are preparing a picnic

of lunchmeat on Wonder Bread, and potato chips

and as much candy as the $2 we have among us

will buy from the corner store.

We are saying goodbye at 6 a.m.

the stickiness of the day sneaking in under cover of dew

that mists and turns to moustaches

on our upper lips.

We have as much giggle as gumption

in letters we write between Labor Day and next August

when we begin again,

this time as 12 year old girls.

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