Poem #6 of 30


Grab for the obvious: the oranges.
The handwritten sign had said “mineolas.”
And because you are not ovulating this month
and have thought about this inordinately this week
your mind beelines to “areolas” –your own breasts swollen like happy cheeks
with their own broken promises (not so happy after all!)

You snicker anyway like a 13 year old boy
with an equally inordinate amount of time
in hotel room with what he expects are his secrets
until the room bill arrives—(6 pay-per-views in one night kid?)
because your dingy, not exactly dirty, mind
amuses you with its directional challenges

Then more of the obvious:
the swollen tops of each mineola like a nipple on a breast
(especially when nursing) turns your mind back to this body
and its suspicious antics of late.  Always go for the obvious it says
so you tear a segment of the orange, pop it in your mouth.
The Starbursts will make you so high; the descent more severe.

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