Final Girl (my latest project–let’s see how it goes)

About the Final Girl:
The Final Girl is a trope in horror flicks that refers to the last female alive who confronts the antagonist (aka the killer). Typically, she is the one left to tell the story because she either vanquishes this antagonist or gets away from him–it’s usually a male antagonist.

This is because the Final Girl is smart, curious, and vigilant and able to avoid the vices and/or hedonism of her counterparts.  As such she is typically sexually unavailable either by virtue of being virginal or asexual–she often has a unisex name like Toni or Bobbi.

About the poems:
These are poems that hinge on the trope and they are first drafts.  You may (not) know that I rarely show drafts publicly.  Those rules of engagement do not apply here.  Nudity is encouraged and allowed.  Embarrassment is what you make it.  Revisions may show up in the comments some day.  For now, read:

Poem #1

My body lies to the scale; is certainly
carving valleys into the carpet,
the sidewalk, everywhere I land.

Dark matter is a type of matter
hypothesized to account for 84%
of the total mass  of the Universe.

Girls who dream
blood and fire on the same night
sometimes scare other girls more than boys.

Dark matter can’t be seen directly
with telescopes.  It seems to neither emit
nor absorb light at any significant level.

The perception and the object rely
on the senses and they rarely have
an absolute point of reference

So like wind, Dark matter’s existence and properties
are assumed from its gravitational effects
on matter we can see, on radiation.

And on the large-scale structure of the Universe
which was part of 6th grade science in the first quarter.
First Mr. Razzano’s class then in the back 2 pews

10:15 each Sunday: we wrestle
not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers,

against the rulers of the darkness,
against spiritual wickedness
in high places.

3 thoughts on “Final Girl (my latest project–let’s see how it goes)

    1. Hey Stan! Thanks for reading; thanks for commenting. I’m using the final girl trope as an–albeit loose–prompt. Whether that relationship even bears out in later development remains to be seen–you know how that goes 🙂


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